High-quality LustreKote spray paint perfectly matches MonoKote covering colors!

Superior, one-part Top Flite Advanced Formula LustreKote exactly captures the rich color of MonoKote covering. It's ready to use...just spray it on cowls, turtle decks, wheel pants, struts, or over an entire airplane-wherever you need a smooth, opaque, high-gloss, fast-drying painted finish.

  • Easier to use and more affordable than two-part epoxy paints...more fuelproof than any other one-step formula!
  • Excellent results over ABS plastic, balsa, fiberglass, aluminum-and on top of MonoKote coverings, too.
  • Requires fewer coats than other spray paints for a consistent, opaque finish.
  • Spray valve produces fine atomization for smooth application, without runs or "orange peel" effect.
  • Painted surfaces are dry enough to recoat in only a few minutes...completely fuelproof in 24 hours.

Check out Painting Tips for surface preparation techinques, solutions to common painting problems and much more.

A huge selection of colors to match MonoKote covering!

Missile Red TOPR7502 Missile Red
Cub Yellow TOPR7518 Cub Yellow
Yellow TOPR7504 Yellow
Insignia Blue TOPR7508 Insignia Blue
Jet White / Primer White TOPR7505 Jet White / TOPR7527 Primer White
Black / Jet Black  TOPR7509 Black
Aluminum TOPR7506 Aluminum
Crystal Clear TOPR7500 Flat Clear / TOPR7501 Crystal Clear
border top Monokote


Top Flite

Due to variations in monitor
models and settings, actual
film colors may vary.