"Secrets of Great Covering with Top Flite MonoKote" Instructional DVD

Help for new and experienced MonoKote film users

No matter how many planes you've covered with iron-on film, you can probably list a few steps that you'd like to do better. And if you've never used film covering before, the whole process may be a mystery.

Now the answers you need are as close as your DVD player — in the "Secrets of Great Covering with Top Flite MonoKote."

From important first steps — such as finding the best sealing iron temperature — to more advanced techniques, like removing air from bays between ribs... this 60-minute program shows you how it's done.

Gain from the experience of the Top Flite pros.

You'll learn:

  • What tools are needed, and how they're used
  • How to prepare your model's surface for good film adhesion
  • How to make and apply windows, trim stripes and graphics
  • How to avoid creases when covering round wingtips
  • How to repair damaged covering at the field
  • ...and much, much more!

"Secrets" also contains footage of many impressively covered models that you can use for inspiration.

So just relax and watch as Top Flite's expert modelers demonstrate the covering process for you - and learn about other important tools and techniques in cutaway spots thoughout the program.

Pick up a copy of "Secrets of Great Covering with Top Flite MonoKote" for yourself. Recommend it to your flying club. make your local field a showcase for some of the hottest MonoKote trim schemes on the planet!

Stock Number: TOPZ0105
Approximately 1 hour long

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