Smart StripeTM Stripe Cutting Tool

MonoKote Smart Stripe

A must-have for kit builders—makes perfect trim stripes from scrap covering!

With a patented SmartStripe, modelers can easily and affordably create multi-color striping schemes...from scrap MonoKote! It's simple to assemble—and so easy to operate that any kit builder can start making straight-as-a-string, custom-width trim stripes in just minutes.

  • Creates stripes from MonoKote or any other covering—customers can cover and cut stripes from the same roll for exact color matches

  • Stripes made with MonoKote are permanent, fuelproof and bleed-resistant—and just half as thick as vinyl stripes

  • Adjustment knob offers micro-fine width control—cuts stripes from 1/64" to 5-1/4" (0.4 mm to 133 mm) wide with incredible accuracy

  • Tough, glass-filled nylon base includes slots for permanent workbench mounting—requires only two screws

  • Includes a #11 blade—also accepts #10 and #12 blades

  • Inexpensive extra rollers (TOPR2425) let customers keep popular colors rolled and ready for stripe cutting

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Stock Number: TOPR2420

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