MonoKote SmartCut
SmartCut helps even first-time finishers create clean edges and virtually invisible seams, just like pros.

MonoKote Heat Gun
900 watt Heat Gun offers adjustable heat/airflow control for smooth, even shrinking over large areas.

Its 75+ blades make tiny perforations that absorb air trapped beneath your covering film—preventing bubbles!

MonoKote Star Template
It's easy to cut MonoKote stars for your plane's trim scheme using this durable ABS plastic template.

MonoKote SmartStripe
Make perfect trim stripes that are as fuelproof and permanent as MonoKote itself, while matching the color exactly.

MonoKote Sealing Iron and Hot Sock
specially-shaped shoe provides scratch-free finishes on virtually all surfaces.

MonoKote Trim Sheets
Create brilliant designs and color schemes with these adhesive-backed trim sheets — available in many exciting colors, including checkerboard.

MonoKote Video
Watch Top Flite's expert modelers demonstrate the covering process in this 60 minute video.

MonoKote Trim Seal Tool
Works great for hinge gaps, wing saddles, inside corners, intricate trim schemes and pinstriping.

MonoKote Hot Glove
Used with a heat gun, Thinsulate™ Hot Glove lets you lightly press covering into place over solid areas without scratching your finish or overheating your hand.

MonoKote Trim Solvent
Bonds MonoKote with a unique "no-heat" formula. 4 oz. bottle.

Trim Scheme Poster
Colorful poster helps modelers choose trim schemes

Panel Line Pen
Add realistic panel lines and rivet detail to your MonoKote-covered planes.

Microballoons Filler
Use for fillets and as an exceptionally lightweight, easily sandable filler for surfacing over imperfections, wood grain and fiberglass cloth.

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